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Training Jersey/Jair Tops/Pants

Training Jersey/Jair Tops/Pants

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This new training jersey set-up features YASUDA's iconic "Gyre Line" design on the side along with the "Excel Line.

The tops are designed from the neck to the wrists, and the pants are designed from the thighs to the hems with the "Gyr lines".
The fabric is light, stretchy, easy to move in, and dries quickly. The size is a little tight silhouette.
A special "red" color is also available.

This jersey is designed with a player-first approach, with the fabric cut and raglan sleeves ensuring a wide range of shoulder movement. The half-zip pullover type is made for training.

Silhouette is roomy at the thighs and slightly tight from the knees down.
Both front sections have mesh pockets, and the hem section has a zip that can be removed even while wearing spikes or tres shoes. The manufacturing method of the inseam area is also designed to extend the leg opening range.

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Country of Origin: China
Material: Polyester 100% polyester

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