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Soccer ball "Eleven Stars"

Soccer ball "Eleven Stars"

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Feature: Football brand "YASUDA" reissued in 2018. 11STARS (Eleven Stars) of YASUDA took the world by storm from the 1980s to the 1990s.
At that time, hand-sewn soccer balls were known as "11STARS," and the high quality of the models made of carefully selected natural leather were used in major soccer tournaments in Japan.
The famous YASUDA's soccer ball "11 STARS" has been newly born with the technology of sfida.
The grippy outer skin provides control, while the rubber tube with excellent bounce performance gives the ball the stability and light kicking feel of a traditional hand-sewn ball.

Product Details

Color: White - Black
Size:No.4 ball, No.5 ball
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Material: Outer skin: Polyurethane synthetic leather
   Subcutaneous panel material: EVA foam
   Inner tube: Synthetic rubber
Notes: *Cannot be used in official tournaments.

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